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ZIMMERMANN Woman Whipstitched Nubuck Espadrilles Antique Rose Size 40 5B8QBltD
ZIMMERMANN Woman Whipstitched Nubuck Espadrilles Antique Rose Size 40
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Similarly, the work on school garden-based learning suggests that student interest and motivation may improve when instruction is set outdoors in green areas, perhaps because of the greater autonomy and opportunities for social connection afforded by most garden-based curricula ( OFFWHITE Leather Hiking Boots ivlpM
; for a review of the role of autonomy and relatedness in motivation in educational settings, see Deci et al., 2011 ). While the findings here echo those, it is important to note that the lessons in nature here were formal and constructed to match those offered indoors; this was not informal learning but rather teacher-led, formal learning with the usual rules against students engaging in autonomous behavior or socializing—thus any effects of increased autonomy and relatedness would have to have occurred primarily in the walk to and from the outdoor lessons.

Third, physical activity might also play a part: 10-min physical activity breaks during the school day have been shown to boost classroom engagement ( Mahar, 2011 ), and the lesson in nature here included two 5 min (or less) walks between the classroom and the outdoor teaching setting, raising the possibility that the boost in classroom engagement here was due entirely to those walks. This seems unlikely; most studies in the physical activity-classroom engagement literature have examined either brief bouts of intense physical activity (e.g., Mahar, 2011 ), or frequent, longer bouts of moderate physical activity—for example, one study examined the effects of adding roughly 190 min per week of moderate to vigorous physical activity—running, jump rope, hopping on one foot—over the course of 10 months (e.g., Castaner Womens Kenda Merlion Park Embroidered Platform Espadrille Flats qCmm8G
). The dose of physical activity here was brief, light in intensity, and infrequent (two, 5 min walks per week). It seems likely that the physical activity involved in this study contributed to some but not all of the effects seen here.

Fourth and finally, another contributing factor may have been impacts on teachers . Teachers, just as much as students, might benefit from all these aspects of lessons in nature—perhaps teachers are able to teach in a more engaging way after a bit of walking, a bit of a breather and change in scenery, and a dose of nature has rejuvenated their attention and interest and reduced their stress levels. If so, simply giving teachers a break, a walk, and a dose of nature while their students continued formal instruction might yield the same benefits to classroom engagement seen here.

Each of these active ingredients has, in theory, the potential to singly explain the effect of lessons in nature on classroom engagement. Given the size of the nature advantage found here, it seems likely that the effect reflects the joint impact of all these factors.

The lessons in nature here involved a particular “dose” (duration, intensity, and frequency) of naturalness, administered in a particular way, to a particular population of students by a particular set of teachers. Here, we consider reasons why the nature advantage might or might not generalize to other conditions, students, and teachers.

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